Thursday, April 18, 2013

BurgerFi: Just Fine With Me

BurgerFi is my burger joint of choice (amongst a few others). When I am craving something juicy and greasy with choices galore, BurgerFi usually comes to mind first. And what more could you want after a a day of shopping (or window shopping, if you're a poor college student like myself) on Park Avenue.

Right at the entrance to the happening Winter Park street, BurgerFi stands out with its metal, black and lime green decor. The glass doors at the entrance have never been closed during operating hours, at least not from what I've seen, so circulated fresh air and large metal fans keep you cool on those signature hot Florida days or nights. The very enticing scent of fresh grilled burgers can be smelled from all the way down the street. I know this because that is how I discovered the place. I had been walking around with friends looking for a place to eat before our movie, and naturally, a burger was what I wanted (they're quick and delicious, who doesnt want one most of the time?). From the Rollins parking garage, located right down the first alley at the beginning of Park Ave., the smell can be picked out of the air.

The front of the building is scattered with pinic tables, and metal chairs (uncomfortable? A bit). The tables are metal as well and equipped with a BurgerFi embellished metal plate in the middle. The science behind this plate is beyond me, but when you order, you are given a device that really doesn't do much. It reminds me of those waiting list devices you're given when you go to Red Lobster or Olive Garden, minus the beeping and vibrations. I would have to assume that it is some sort of tracking device to help your server find you once you've placed your order, but perhaps that is me giving that place a bit too much credit. One of these days, I'll remeber to ask an employee how it works.

The menu, when you approach the metal counter to place your order, is on high-def TV screens. The black background with neon green letters help to make sure that you dont miss a thing when ordering. The menu offers the typical hamburger, cheeseburger, and bacon cheeseburger. But also gives some interesting choices like the BAD (Breakfast All Day) which includes their all natural angus burger, american cheese, hockory bacon, drizzled with maple syrup, fried eggs, hash borwns and grilled onions. It's intense. I've had a nibble at it. It definitely tastes like breakfast, but it's not my cup of tea. For vegetarian options, BurgerFi offers and quinoa burger (definitelty much better, ingredients-wise, than the typical veggie burger that is usually comprised of God only knows what). The quinoa burger is definitely crisp. There's no illusion that you're not eating meat though, which is something I usually prefer from burger places that offer a non-meat substitute.

Like any good burger place, they also allow you to make your own. You can get it single stacked, double stacked or triple stacked or you can get it over a bowl of salad. Their options for toppings range from the typical like onions, steak sauce, hot sauce or their secret BurgerFi sauce, to the not so typical choices, like salt and vinegar chips or BurgerFi chili (which is not that great).

My usual favorite is the plain Bacon Cheeseburger, which I indulged in last week. Now before I get into this, I feel it necessary to say, and this is me being completely honest: BurgerFi's burgers remind me of Five Guys, with less grease and more showmanship.

I mean seriously, they taste the exact same to me. Even their fries are just like Five Guys with significanly less post meal residue. I enjoy Five Guys, so this is not a problem, in my opinion, but the greasy mess of Five Guys, I can do without, so BurgerFi is a good option (still fairly greasy, but that comes with the burger territory). My typical five guys burger is fairly similar to my typical BurgerFi Burger: bacon, lettuce, onions, cheese, salt and vinegar chips (not at Five Guys), hot sauce, ketchup, mayo, mustard and pickles. It's simple. I like it that way. BurgerFi's burgers are simply delicious. They are the type of burger that you sit at the table after eating it and say, "That was really good."

One thing I really do need to say about BurgerFi! Their burgers are small. Tiny, in fact. They are big enough to not be considered "shooters" but small enough to have you consider ordering something else (or even another one) afterwards. If you do consider ordering something else, well then you're in luck. If you havent gotten your meat fix, they have hot dogs, which I've heard are quite juicy. Another option is of course, the fries. Their fries have a varieties fo ways in how they are served, which is always good (once again, I advise staying away from the chili. It's just not great). For those that need some sweet to offset the salty, there is frozen custard. Just like their burgers they offer a multitude of toppings. I havent tried their custard so I can't really give a 'yay' or 'nay' to it, but if that's your thing, then by all means.

My thing is burgers, and that brings me back full circle. So. Should you pay the extra money for BurgerFi when there is most likely a Five Guys in your local mall or even right down the street from you? Is it really worth it? I know. I'm usually giving you this in depth description of how the burger tastes and what my experience, or in this case experiences, were like. I think I've said all I can say. I like BurgerFi. Yes, it's like Five Guys with a little extra flair (a bit more metal, less white and red, more green, more wood, and a few of those fancy coke machines that everyone stands in front of for at least three minutes longer than is necessary). Absolutely. But I like not feeling like I have to shower after eating their burger. I give them a thumbs up, two, in fact. The place is clean and nice, the staff is usually helpful and nice and there's always alot of them. You usually don't have to look very far to find someone. The burger are delicious.

So, if your ever walking around enjoying the sites, sounds and views that Park Avenue has to offer and you don't feel like settling in for something fancy, BurgerFi is a hop, skip and a jump away. I suggest you check it out.

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